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NEWSLETTER #32, March 10, 1991


1. Romeo G, Ronchetto P, Telleria JJ, Devoto M, Fanen P, and Goossens M report two mutations:

- a C to T transition at position 3604 in exon 19 (R1158X), and

- an A to G transition at position 3849+4 (a possible splice mutation); see attached letter.

2. A list of CF mutation is attached. I have included the Newsletter issue number in the reference. Please check the information for possible typing errors (I thank those who pointed them out to me in the past). Please also let me know if there is any update of the reference list (ie. paper accepted, etc.).

3. I would like to remind all members that any secondary publication resulted from knowledge of unpublished consortium data should obtain permission from the original reporting group to publish the information before submission. Also, although the original report may be published by the time the secondary paper is submitted, an acknowledgement is still appropriate if the research is based on unpublished information. This guideline applies to mutations, any sequence information (polymorphisms) and patient description.

4. It just came to my attention that several of the previous newsletters were sent in a reduced size. It was due to a sticky switch in the FAX machine (certainly not our intention to save money). I apologize for any inconvenience there might be.

Best regards,

Lap-Chee Tsui