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Jones, WGH-Edinburgh, Scotland Williamson,St Mary'sLondon,England




NEWSLETTER #35, June 14, 1991


1. Baranov corrects his previous report of a substitution at nucleotide position 1642 (Newsletter #34). It should be G to C instead of G to A; the amino acid change should be from glu to Gln (E504Q).

2. Smit, Iannuzzi, Tsui and Collins report an insertion of A after nucleotide 2307 (2307insA). [Note: The letter was dated March 8, 1991, but it was actually received in May, possibly because of the lack of a postal code.]

3. Will, Stuhrmann and Schmidtke report an A to G substitution at nucleotide position 1651, causing an Ile to Val change at amino acid position 507 (I507V). Since it is not clear if this substitution causes CF, it is treated as a polymorphism for the time being.

4. Gasparini, Bonizzato, Dognini, Savoia and Pignatti suggest new methods for detecting R1162X, which happens to be a rather frequent mutation in Northeastern Italy (20% of non-[[Delta]]F508) and in Spain (6%). They are requesting data on frequency and geographical distribution (see letter).

5. Ferec, Quere, Verlingue and Guillermit report a sequence variation in intron 20, position 4006-199 G to A.

6. Devoto, Ronchetto and Romeo report a possible missense mutation in exon 7, a G to A transition at position 1172, changing the amino acid Arg to His in the protein (R347H). They also report a sequence variation (A to G) at postion 4374+14 in intron 23.

7. Shoshani, Bashan and Kerem report a 4-bp deletion in exon 21 (4011del4).

8. Ferrari, Cremonesi, Magnani, Gossens and Fanen report a possible splice mutation in intron 12 (1898+3 A->G).

9. Repeat announcement: In regards to the next general meeting of the consortium, there is general consensus among members of the steering committee that we should have it at the International Human Genetics Congress (which is joint with the American Society of Human Genetics) in Washington, D.C. on October 6-11. Since not every member will be attending that meeting, it would be nice to have informal gatherings at the other two meetings (ie. The European Cystic Fibrosis Conference, June 17-21, Copenhagen and The North American CF Conference, October 2-5, 1991, Dallas, Texas). I will get in touch with the organizers of the meetings to find appropriate time slots.

Best regards,

Lap-Chee Tsui