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cDNA Name Protein Name Legacy Name Region Description Consequence
c.1022_1023insTC p.Phe342HisfsX28 1154insTC exon 8 insertion of TC after 1154 frameshift
c.3063_3068delAGTGAT p.Ile1023_Val1024del 3195del6 exon 19 deletion of AGTGAT from 3195 to 3200 deletion of Val1022 and Ile1023
c.3067_3072delATAGTG p.Ile1023_Val1024del 3199del6 exon 19 deletion of ATAGTG from 3199 deletion of Ile at 1023 and Val at 1024
c.3068T>C p.Ile1023Thr I1023T exon 19 3200T>C
c.3068_3072delTAGTG p.Ile1023SerfsX22 3200_3204delTAGTG exon 19 Deletion of TAGTG from 3200 Frameshift

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